Web Design & Digital Services

Outstanding web digital solution will grow your business. Let Webic build you a powerfull online presence.

Our Services

Webic will help you attract more clients with practical design and the power of web development.


We investigate your customers' behaviour and need to design accordingly. We gain invaluable insights into the impact of design on your audience through task analysis, workshops, and other observation techniques.

Bespoke Websites.

Our in-house development team collaborates closely with our design team, utilising the most recent technologies and trends, to create robust and gorgeous custom websites that offer a fantastic user experience and produce results for our clients.

Website Maintenance.

Automated daily backups, round-the-clock security, plugin and theme upgrades, and even content updates can help you avoid problems before they arise. After launching it, we assist with site maintenance and provide additional control.
When problems do emerge, our development team is available to assist. You can contact us by phone, email, or through your specific ticketing system.

Web Apps.

To fulfil your specific demands, we create web applications for every device and platform of your choice. We produce incredibly engaging frontends and dependable, easily scaleable backends using time-tested technologies.

Api Integration.

We want your new website to improve the productivity of your company. Utilize our in-depth API integration expertise to integrate valuable third-party services and current back-office systems into your website.

CMS / WordPress.

Since the platform's inception, our skilled WordPress developers have used it to build high-performing websites that improve business outcomes by utilising its limitless customisation and innovation features. The platform is efficient and economical.

Database & API Dev.

Create a database that meets your organization's demands by designing and developing it.

eCommerce / Shops.

We build and enhance online stores and assist eCommerce companies in starting and expanding their operations.

Server & Hosting

The next step, and the most important one, is choosing and installing your web application on the right server. The Webic team can help you make the right decision and successfully install your application.

UX Design & Branding

Creating brand identities guarantees an excellent consumer experience at all contact points.

SEO Optimization.

Through search engine optimization, you can make sure that your website is seen in a world of growing online clutter and perplexed audiences. Getting prominent rankings has never been more crucial because more than 90% of online consumers only check the first page of search results.

How we work

We've refined and modified our processes over the years, so here we describe our web design workflow from the first meeting to the launch of your application.

web design & digital services


Understanding client needs, researching the market


Planning and designing the project


Building the project with a specialized working team.


After testing and ensuring everything works as expected, we will install it on the most secure server.​